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About the Oysters

We are a working aquaculture facility. To ensure you receive large, healthy, clean oysters, we grow farm-raised triploid oysters. A triploid cannot reproduce. They spend their time and energy on growing versus reproducing.

Our oysters are grown from seeds (spat) to market-ready oysters in approximately 18 months. During this period of time, our oyster farmers are personally ensuring the overall well being of the oysters by caring for them on a regular basis.


Our seeds are 1-2mm in size.  They look like grains of sand.  When we first purchase the seeds, we start growing them in our nursey tank where water is pumped into the tank, past the oysters where they filter and eat algae; the filtered water is returned into the bay.  At this stage, the oysters are cleaned three times a day.  Once mature enough, they are moved into our floating upweller system which allows for water movement—essential to keeping the oysters fed. In turn, the more food the oysters receive, the quicker they grow. Once they are large enough (just over a half inch), we transport them into half-inch cages and they are moved to the open waters. Once they reach one inch in size, they are moved to one-inch cages which allows for more water circulation. On a scheduled basis, they are cleaned, sorted and re-caged to minimize overcrowding and promote further growth.

Our farm is currently raising over 3 million oysters with hopes of growing to 5 million oysters in the next few years. Guests are welcome to come and visit!

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Enjoy the fruits of the Bay and take home some oysters today!

Individual Orders

Cocktail size: 2.75–3 in.
Medium size: 3-3.75 in.
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Large size: 3.75-4.5 in.
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Larger quantities are available upon request.

Pick up

We have two convenient locations to pick up the oysters—Northern Virginia (Manassas/Ashburn area) and the Northern Neck. Other arrangements can be made depending on quantities purchased.

Restaurant Orders & Wholesalers

We have two options available for restaurants to make the oyster buying process easy.

Direct Purchase of Nomini Bay Oysters

We can accommodate any size order.

Lease Land From Nomini Bay Oysters

We understand how hard it is to be different and how important branding is to selling your product, especially if you are in the seafood business. Let us help you brand your own oysters. We grow or you grow, but either way, you get to name your oysters!

Please contact us to learn more about our pricing, or to discuss how we might be able to serve you better.
Go ahead and give us a try… you won’t be disappointed!